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Life insurance

Life Insurances | NorteHispana

Quality of life

It is not a simple task to contract a life insurance policy that covers all your needs and adapts to your possibilities. There are various types of life insurance plans that emphasise certain aspects and offer various guarantees and coverages.

At NorteHispana Seguros we know the importance and the value of your peace of mind and the security of your family, and for this reason we have created two life insurance plans to respond to and cover the most important aspects: Universal Temporary Life Insurance and Universal Collectives Temporary Life Insurance. Both policies have the aim of guaranteeing maximum coverage for the relatives of the affected person.

Discover our life insurance plans for both groups and individuals, and trust in the reliability and solidity of an insurance firm like NorteHispana Seguros.

Seguro Universal Vida Temporal | NorteHispana

Universal Vida Temporal

This life policy offers maximum cover for the members of the family.

Universal Vida Temporal Insurance | NorteHispana

Universal Vida Temporal Colectivos

Solution for groups and companies that incur obligations as a result of collective bargaining agreements or voluntary welfare improvements.

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