Hogar plus

'Hogar plus' community insurance

Your community, in good shape

What is this insurance?

'Hogar plus' Community home insurance offers protection for both structure and content, for homeowners' associations. It is aimed at homeowners and developers, once the construction process is finished. It offers significant payment flexibility and is compatible with other insurance policies.

Benefits of this insurance


Take advantage of high-quality protection, with the option to choose the payment that best suits your needs.


This insurance is compatible with other home insurance policies.


We offer a wide range of guarantees to respond to your needs and those of your neighbours.

Joint ownership or rent

The guarantees in this insurance are applied both to associations of co-owners and tenants.

Main coverage

The Comunidades hogar plus insurance policy offers you protection against the following unforeseen circumstances:

  • Fire, explosion, smoke damage and lightning.
  • Salvage costs.
  • Theft and robbery.
  • Vandalism or malicious acts.
  • Loss of rents and forced evacuation.
  • Aesthetic damage.
  • Breakage of glass, windows and mirrors.
  • Rain, wind, hail or snow.
  • Accidental spillage, leak or escape of the automatic fire extinguishing facilities.
  • Civil liability - extra-contractual, deposit, defence and claim.


This insurance is designed to offer comprehensive coverage to homeowner associations, both for structure and contents.

It is aimed at homeowners' associations and developers, once the building stage is complete.

It is compatible with other home insurance policies.

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