Multirriesgo del hogar plus (Multirisk home insurance plus)

Multirriesgo de hogar plus

Adapted to your home

What is this insurance?

Multiriesgo del hogar plus home insurance offers protection for your home, its installations and the items which make up the furniture. Furthermore, we offer an extension of covers in the event of meteorological phenomena and other material damages.

Benefits of this insurance


Adapt the insurance guarantees to the needs and circumstances of your home.

Broad protection

This insurance offers protection for the insured building, structural elements, fixed installations and all furnishings and household goods.


Get access to extended guarantees so that you can deal with damages caused by weather events and other material damages.


Decide on how often you want to make the payments, on the basis of your specific needs.

Universal home insurance plus

Main coverage

The Multirriesgo del hogar plus (Multirisk home insurance plus) policy offers protection in the following cases:

  • Fire, explosion, smoke and lightning.
  • Salvage costs.
  • Theft and damage due to robbery or attempted robbery.
  • Loss of rent and uninhabitability of the home.
  • Unexpected events as: rain, hail and snow.
  • Water damage (including locating and repairing the damage).
  • Broken windows, marble and sanitary ware.


As this is a multirisk insurance policy, it offers a wide range of protection including fire, explosion, theft, breakages, water damage, civil liability, etc.

The calculation includes all insurable goods, whether structure or contents, for the price that it would cost us to recover or replace them as new. To do this, an inventory of the home is performed and a subsequent valuation. This calculation excludes objects of special value such as artwork, collections, jewels, etc., which need to be valued separately.

When talking about property or the home, we are referring to all elements that comprise your home, including:

  • Construction elements: walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows.
  • Fixed facilities: heating and refrigeration, water, electricity and gas installations, telephone installations and security devices, plumbing and kitchen fittings, bathrooms, toilets, sinks, fixed radio and television antennas, awnings, blinds and shutters, solar panels and street lamps.
  • Decorative materials: plaster, carpets, parquets and marble whenever they are attached to floors, ceilings or walls.

Furniture refers to all furnishings in the home, decorative objects and decoration, electrical appliances and technological devices.

There are two ways in which the insured value may be incorrect:

  • Underinsurance: when the insured sum is lower than the value of the goods. In the event of a claim, the compensation will be reduced on the basis of the same calculation proportion (the proportional rule).
  • Overinsurance: when the insured sum is notably higher than the value of the goods. In this case, the proportional calculation used in underinsurance is not applied.

Yes, you just need to declare this expressly in the insurance contract.

The maximum insured value is €150,000 for damages and €300,000 for losses.

The insurance offers medical guidance over the phone, with the ability to carry out video calls, and home care.

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