Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

The objective of this Code of Ethics is to establish the general guidelines that must govern the conduct of the Catalana Occidente Group, its Directors, employees, agents and collaborators, when carrying out their roles and their business and professional relationships, acting in accordance with the law and respecting ethical principles.

Whistleblowing Channel

The purpose of the Whistleblowing Channel is to receive, hold and process communications on irregularities related to breaches of the Grupo Catalana Occidente Code of Ethics, its development protocols, any other regulation or internal policies of the Group and/or its individually considered Entities, as well as actions or omissions that result in a serious or very serious breach that is punishable under criminal law or the manipulation and/or falsification of financial data. In accordance with the above, communications that do not contain data on the informant's identification will be accepted for processing, and will be investigated with the utmost caution and proportionality.

Similarly, the Whistleblowing Channel regulates the internal reporting system and the defence of the whistleblower, the internal reporting channels for receiving communications, the process for investigating any situations identified, and ensures that the whistleblower and any other individuals who file a report using this procedure are adequately protected against retaliation.

Any individual or company, such as customers, suppliers, shareholders or other stakeholders of Grupo Catalana Occidente can report fraudulent practices or breaches in matters of Human Rights and national or European laws or other "Reportable Actions" set forth in the Whistleblowing Channel on irregularities and fraud arising in a work or professional context, and related to Members of the Board, Management, and employees of the Group, regardless of their position and level, as well as to the network of agents and collaborators connected to the Group.

The contact details of the Corporate Internal Audit Department are:

Postal mail: 
Director de Auditoría Interna Corporativa
Grupo Catalana Occidente, S.A.
Avenida Alcalde Barnils, nº 63
08174 – Sant Cugat del Vallés

Telephone: 935820685

Once the communication has been received, it will be managed by Corporate Internal Audit pursuant to the procedure and methodology for analysing irregularities and internal fraud, which is adapted to the provisions of Spanish Law 2/2023, of 20 February, regulating the protection of persons who report regulatory infringements and the fight against corruption.