Death insurance

Funeral cover insurance

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What is the funeral insurance?

NorteHispana's funeral insurance covers your family's material and emotional needs after your decease. In addition, you may want to take coverage before that moment, like private healthcare with discounts, or a telephone medical advice service, among others.

Why buy a funeral insurance?

Because your family will have the support of NorteHispana to take care of the expenses and administrative procedures after your decease.

Customise your insurance

You will be able to choose the funeral insurance policy from our catalogue that best suits your needs, and take the coverages you really need. \n

Take advantage of our life insurance

Get discounts in private healthcare and multiple medical and dental care services at no cost.

Legal & administrative service

When the moment comes, we will take care of all the administrative procedures after the decease: death certificates, widow's pension, etc.

Pet insurance

Your pet is also part of your family. That's why NorteHispana offers you a free annual visit to the vet. \n

Online will

You will be able to write your hereditary, vital and charitable will comfortably at home with the assistance of a lawyer that will answer all your questions. A simple copy of the will is included. \n

Digital reputation

Let us take care of your online legacy and erase your digital fingerprint after you are gone.

Family NorteHispana insurance

Factors that influence price

There are several factors to be taken into account when setting the price of funeral insurance. 


Our death risk increases as we age, so it will be crucial when setting the insurance price. \n

The place where the funeral service will be held

The service allowance varies depending on the city where it is going to be held. This is why it is important to tell your company about changes in your address.

Service allowance covered

The company will assume funeral expenses in the amount covered, therefore the greater the capital necessary, the greater the premium.

Why buy funeral insurance from NorteHispana?

We at NorteHispana we worked for more than 50 years to ensure the peace of mind of our policyholders. Find out why more than a million people trust us.

Personalised Customer Service

We have more than 2,500 agents prepared to work with you and answer your questions as thoroughly as you may need.

Exclusive services

Discounts in private healthcare, pet insurance included, etc. Learn about all services that are covered by your insurance.

Because it's your family

For us at NorteHispana it is a priority to guarantee the peace of mind and well-being of your family in the most sensitive times.