decesos Universal Colectivo

Funeral cover insurance

Funeral insurance for groups

Support that is adapted to your needs

What is the Group funeral insurance?

The Group funeral insurance offers total coverage for groups such as companies, associations, and other groups relating to education, sport, etc…

Benefits of this insurance

Protection adapted to your group

Adapt the provisions of the insurance to the specific needs of your group.

Variety of covers

Choose the types of cover that your group needs.

Diversity of profiles

Each group is formed of one or more types of profiles, and we adapt to everyone.


Choose the contracting method that's best suited to the group that you represent.

Universal decease insurance groups

Main coverage

Comprehensive burial and cremation services and management for your group.


The Universal familiar colectivo insurance policy is aimed at groups of people such as companies, or any other kinds of entity, association or syndicate, e.g. educational, sports and/or social groups.

The funeral services taken out with the policy and the comprehensive management of the funeral or cremation, as well as legal advice services and medical guidance over the phone, exclusively in place for our insured customers.

The possibility of adapting the insurance to the specific needs of the group.

Why buy funeral insurance for companies and groups from NorteHispana?


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