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Death Insurance

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What is Death insurance?

Death insurance not only provides funeral services, but also offers you various coverage to protect your health, including the treatment of serious illnesses, in a private clinic.

Benefits of this insurance

Comprehensive death cover

Niche, transfers, funeral home, post-mortem management, obituary published in newspaper, etc. Everything you may need at the most difficult time.


Pay your Death insurance in the most convenient way for you. You can choose between annual, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly payments.

Health and well-being

Access private healthcare and enjoy big discounts. Includes free and/or refundable services.

Specialised hospital care

Hospitalisation in a private clinic for medical and surgical treatment. Includes neurosurgery, vascular surgery, treatment for cancer, etc.

Online will

Receive guidance for writing your will, from the comfort of your own home or wherever you like.


Because pets are members of the family, we strive to let you enjoy your dog's or cat's company by ensuring that they stay in good health.

Special hospital care

Special hospital care

Medical and surgical treatment of the most common cancers in a private clinic.

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Death insurance coverage

Choose the funeral service based on what best suits each of the policyholders. 

Second medical opinion

Premium second opinion

A second opinion in person and online at a private clinic

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The provision of a funeral service in the event of death, whatever the cause and wherever it takes place, including all expenses and procedures required.

Death insurance guarantees the total value included in the insurance contract.

This Death insurance is aimed at all people who want to protect their relatives from the financial consequences derived from their death, and prevent them from having to deal with the management procedures relating to the funeral and burial/cremation.

All adults who want to avoid management procedures and the financial consequences derived from the death of relatives and kin.

Yes, cremation is included in the insurance guarantees up to the limit of the insured value.

Yes, the Death insurance covers transportation of the policyholder's body from anywhere in the world to the national cemetery where the funeral service will be held 

The extensive national network of funeral parlous is at your disposal, guaranteeing a comprehensive and integral funeral service.

It is a free service included in the family insurance that includes on-site professional advice necessary to draft the open public will and living will. 

This includes a range of actions aimed at saying goodbye to our friends and relatives, such as writing a biography, managing our digital identity in the most convenient way possible, and managing our social networks and online subscriptions. 

The Death insurance offers, with the family's consent, the application for, and obtaining of, documents of the deceased, such as the death certificate, the updated family book, as well as the documents necessary for the management of pensions, widowhood & orphan pension and inheritances. 

Yes, this insurance offers you a wide range of free services aimed at your well-being, such as psychology and paediatrics services, post-hospital care services and oral cleaning within dental services. 

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