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What is the Universal previsión insurance?

Universal previsión is a funeral insurance that will cover the material and emotional needs of your family in the most sensitive moments, focusing on the most important.

Benefits of this insurance

Universal previsión covers the funeral service's most essential needs at the time of the decease: Burial or incineration, purchase or rental of niche, transport, etc. to avoid any concern for the relatives.


From anywhere in Spain or abroad, the costs of moving to the body to the nearest cemetery associated with the policyholder's home is fully covered.

Comprehensive funeral service

Depending on your choice, the provisory universal funeral Insurance will cover the expenses of the funeral service, whether it is cremation or burial, and the corresponding administrative procedures.

The purchase or rental of a burial space

You may choose the niche acquisition modality that you prefer. Whether it is rental or purchase.

Telephone medical consultations

From the moment you take out the coverage, you may use the telephone medical and legal advice service. Every day of the year. 24 hours per day.

Universal death insurance

Main coverage

Comprehensive service and integral management of the burial or cremation, according to your wishes.


When taking out death insurance with NorteHispana, the insured person receives the following coverage for provisions:

  • Comprehensive burial/cremation service
  • The purchase or rental of a burial space
  • Cover for relocation expenses within Spain or from abroad

Our funeral insurance policies guarantee full cover of the funeral service contracted for each person insured up to the limit of the insured value.

When we talk about the insured value, we are referring to the guaranteed capital contracted in the policy.

All adults interested in managing their death in an effective and economical manner. Taking out the contract is also very simple.

Yes, our funeral insurance includes the cremation up to the limit of the insured value. 

This insurance extends its guarantees to covering the expenses for relocating the insured person following his or her death, from any point in Spain or abroad, to the Spanish cemetery indicated in the insurance policy. 

You can choose whichever cemetery you want within Spanish territory.

Yes, there is a wide range of funeral parlours available across Spain.

Yes, this decision corresponds with the private discussions of the insured person's relatives. The number of civil ceremonies has risen significantly over recent years.

Why buy funeral insurance from NorteHispana?

We at NorteHispana, after 50 years, are experts in funeral and burial insurance, with prices for all budgets.

Personalised Customer Service

We have more than 2,500 agents prepared to work with you and answer your questions as thoroughly as you may need.

Complete protection

We offer you the most complete protection so that your relatives do not have to worry when the crucial time comes.

When it comes to your family

For us at NorteHispana it is a priority to guarantee the peace of mind and well-being of your family in the most sensitive times.