Universal Home Multi-Risk


Universal multi-risk home insurance

Also protect your refrigerated goods

What is Universal home multi-risk insurance?

NorteHispana's Home insurance allows you to enjoy your home with complete peace of mind, protecting you against any unforeseen incidents. It also includes a telephone medical guidance service and home assistance and repair services. Complete protection designed to protect your family's peace of mind.

Benefits of this insurance

Your home will be protected thanks to the coverage of our Home multi-risk insurance. It works when you need it most in the most usual types of incidents.

Maximum protection

Thanks to the multi-risk approach of our home insurance your property will always be protected when confronting the most common types of disaster.

Refrigerated goods

Have you lost the contents of your refrigerator due to a power failure or a breakdown? Thanks to this guarantee, we will replace them as if nothing had happened.

Lock replacement

In the event of the loss or theft of the keys to your home, we will take care of changing the lock.


Not all homes are the same. For this reason, NorteHispana's home multi-risk insurance adapts to the needs and characteristics of your home so that you pay the right amount.

Universal multi-risk home insurance.

Main types of home insurance coverage

Universal home multi-risk insurance offers you protection in the event of the following unforeseen incidents: 

  • Fire, explosion, smoke and lightning. 
  • Burglary, robbery and theft; damage due to burglary or attempted burglary. 
  • Theft of personal belongings, jewels and cash outside of the home, and the fraudulent use of credit cards. 
  • Lock replacement due to theft or loss. 
  • Loss of rent and uninhabitability of the home. 
  • Aesthetic damage. 
  • Electrical damage and damage to refrigerated goods. 
  • Water damage. 
  • Reconstruction of gardens. 
  • Extraordinary events such as acts of vandalism and malicious acts, rain, wind, hail, snow, etc. 
  • Breakages: windows, mirrors, glass, methacrylate parts, worktops, ceramic hobs and bathroom fixtures. 

Factors that have an influence on the cost of a home insurance premium

Every property has some characteristics and uses that determine the premium of the final insurance. These are factors that have an influence on the cost of your home insurance with NorteHispana.

Age and type of construction

The year of construction of your property, as well as the materials used will affect your home insurance premium.

Protection of your property

Is your property fitted with security bars, reinforced doors or an alarm system? These factors can also influence the insurance premium.


The fact that your home is centrally-located, in an urban centre, in the suburbs or on a residential estate will also affect the price of the insurance premium.


Since it is a comprehensive home insurance policy, its range of coverage is wide and includes fire, explosion, theft, robbery outside the home, breakages, water, civil liability, lock replacement due to theft or loss of keys, etc. 

Garden reconstruction and replacement of refrigerated foodstuffs.

The calculation includes all insurable goods, whether structure or contents, for the price that it would cost us to recover or replace them as new. To do this, an inventory of the home is performed and a subsequent valuation. Objects of special value are excluded from this calculation, such as artwork, collections, jewels, etc., which need to be valued separately.

Yes, you just need to expressly declare this in the insurance contract. 

The maximum insured value is €150,000 for damages and €300,000 for losses. 

This home insurance provides a telephone medical guidance service, home assistance and repair service as well as additional guarantees. 

Why take out home insurance with NorteHispana?

We have designed our home insurance so that you are always covered for any unforeseen circumstances but these are the guarantees that differentiate us.

Our customer service

More than 100 branches and 2,500 agents at your service so that in the event of a disaster you are never alone. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

One million reasons

NorteHispana has earned the confidence of more than one million insured persons who have placed their trust in us.

Pet coverage

Because your pet is also part of your family, you will have civil liability cover for any incidents that may arise.