pet insurance


Pet Insurance

Because they are part of your family

What does NorteHispana's pet insurance cover?

Pet insurance protects your dog or cat if it is lost, stolen, involved in an accident or causes damage to third parties. You also get access to a pool of veterinarians.

Benefits of this insurance

Your dog or cat will always be protected

Veterinary pool and our own network of daycare centres

Veterinary clinics and daycare at agreed prices or with significant discounts.

Civil liability

We will cover any compensation payments you have to make to a third party due to damages caused by your pet.

Theft or loss

We will reimburse the expenses you incur if your dog is lost: adverts in the press, radio, internet, etc. We will also compensate you in case of theft.

Reimbursement of expenses due to illness

If your pet gets sick and you have to go to a veterinarian, we will reimburse the expenses.

insurance for dogs and cats

Pet insurance coverage

Thanks to this coverage, you and your pet will get:

  • In-person veterinary advice
    Free and unlimited consultations with appointment at authorised veterinary centres. Emergency consultations not included.
  • Veterinary advice by phone
    Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Plus, by calling 900 151 936, you can get information on:
    • Food, care and handling, diseases and vaccinations for your pet
    • Information on laws (state, regional and local) and required legal documents for your pet.
    • Dog daycare, service centres, hotels that accept animals, etc.
  • Veterinary pool
    • Discounts on hairdressing services, training and daycare.
    • Nationwide network of veterinary clinics
    • Veterinary services with discounts.
  • Our own network of dog daycare centres
  • Reimbursement of veterinary assistance expenses in case of an accident
    • Collision
    • Fights with other animals
    • Falls
    • Gastric torsion
    • Etc.
  • Reimbursement of veterinary assistance expenses in case of illness
  • Travel expenses due to specialised treatment


veterinary directory

Veterinary directory

Get access to our pool of veterinarians, clinics and professionals, and see what services your dog or cat can benefit from.

Veterinary directory


Any dog or cat that is kept as a pet, except for those intended for hunting or any other type of sport, provided the animal is over 6 months of age.

It depends on several factors, such as the animal's age, breed, weight, etc., as well as the values you specify for the different coverage options.