Universal ahorro

Seguro universal de ahorro

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What is this insurance?

Universal ahorro has been devised to create a savings capital and offers guaranteed return. Furthermore, the contributions system is very flexible as additional contributions may be made.

Guaranteed returns

Take advantage of guaranteed returns and constantly increase your savings.


Have access to all or part of the money you have saved as soon as the first year has elapsed.


We offer the possibility for you to adjust your contributions to your specific needs to make sure your savings are always comfortable and convenient.

2x1 guarantees

Now you can incorporate two guarantees into the same insurance policy whilst protecting your family: one in the event of survival and the other in the event of death.

Seguro universal de ahorro

Main coverage

The beneficiary established in the insurance policy will receive the guaranteed value and the additional value stipulated in the case of death. Both values will increase to the amount reached at the time of death.


Universal ahorro insurance is subject to the withholdings that are applicable in accordance with the legal provisions in force at any time, and are charged to the insured person or beneficiary established in the insurance.


You can start saving with the Universal ahorro insurance from 50 euros per month.

Returns from the Universal ahorro insurance policy is completely guaranteed. Furthermore, with this insurance, savings are constantly in revaluation with life insurance that grows in value, working as the optimal formula to get the best combination for savings and retirement planning.

Yes, you have guaranteed availability through total and partial redemptions, as soon as one year has elapsed since taking out the policy.

Yes, you can pause the savings provided the guaranteed value of the insurance is enough to cover the monthly costs.

The Universal ahorro insurance policy offers total flexibility to adapt to your specific needs throughout your life. You can modify the contribution plan, and also make extraordinary contributions.

Yes, you can choose to make your contributions monthly, every two months, every three months, every six months or yearly.

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