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Universal savings insurance

Universal savings insurance

Turn your projects into a reality

What is Universal savings insurance?

Universal savings insurance allows you to save offering you the possibility of a guaranteed return with flexible contributions. It is a product aimed at saving for the future, which also, in the event of death, guarantees your designated beneficiary will receive the insured sum. It is now possible to save for the future while protecting your family.

Advantages of this insurance

Save comfortably, month by month, for the time you need it most and with the possibility of redeeming your savings when you need them.

Guaranteed returns

Enjoy a fully guaranteed return and life insurance at a growing value to obtain the best savings and pension combination.


In the event of any unforeseen circumstance or need you will be able to partially or fully redeem your savings in the form of capital provided that the first annuity has elapsed. Because you never know what can happen.


Save comfortably. With monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual contributions, and from €50 a month, you can modify the amount of savings and even stop the contributions.

2x1 guarantees

Now you can incorporate two guarantees into the same insurance policy whilst protecting your family: one in the event of survival and the other in the event of death.

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Main coverage

The beneficiary established in the insurance policy will receive the guaranteed value and the additional value stipulated in the case of death. Both values will increase to the amount reached at the time of death. 

Pension savings insurance tax relief

Benefit from a tax-free period on the invested capital as you will only pay tax when you redeem your contributions. In addition, if the benefits are received by a beneficiary, in the event of the death of the insured person, they will be subject to inheritance tax.


You can start to save with Universal savings insurance from €50 a month. 

The return on Universal savings insurance is fully guaranteed. Furthermore, with this insurance, savings are constantly in revaluation with life insurance that grows in value, working as the optimal formula to get the best combination for savings and retirement planning. 

Yes, you have guaranteed availability through total and partial redemptions, as soon as one year has elapsed since taking out the policy.

Yes, you can pause the savings provided the guaranteed value of the insurance is enough to cover the monthly costs.

Savings insurance offers total flexibility to be adapted to your specific needs throughout your life. You can modify the contribution plan, and also make extraordinary contributions. 

Yes, you can choose to make your contributions monthly, every two months, every three months, every six months or yearly.

Why take out savings insurance with NorteHispana?

Because with our Universal savings insurance you can save and protect your family at the same time. In a comfortable, flexible way and without hardly any effort, safe in the knowledge that your savings are growing securely.


We adapt to your needs and those of your family. You will always be protected whenever you need it most.


Universal savings insurance is adapted to your everyday needs. From €50 a month will be able to modify your savings amount whenever you want, and you can even pause your contributions if you want to.

Automatic reappraisal

We take care of making sure your savings are really effective. We will reappraise your premium and the capital insured automatically every year.