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Accident insurances

Accidents insurance

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What is Accident insurance?

Accident insurance is the best way to protect yourself when you suffer from unexpected, qualifying accidents. You will enjoy maximum coverage both in the exercise of your declared profession, and in your personal life.

Benefits of this insurance

Protecting yourself and your loved ones was never so easy. You can choose the payment method, obtain immediate coverage, etc.


Choose the payment frequency (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual) that best suits you and buy the coverage that best suit your needs.

Immediate coverage

From the moment you buy the insurance you will have the coverage needed to be protected, without a waiting period.


With our coverage you will be able to guarantee your and your family's peace of mind. It includes access to private medicine at the best price with Health and Well-being.


No prior medical examination is necessary to take out Accident insurance. Take out our contract smoothly and manage it with ease.

Personal accidents insurance

Main coverage

When taking out Accident insurance, your designated beneficiary will receive the insured capital in case of death caused by an accident.

Complementary coverage

You will enjoy the advantages of private healthcare and wellness services at the best prices with significant discounts.


This accident insurance is designed those who wish to insure the risks arising from accidents that cause bodily injury or death, and the provision of additional accident-related services anywhere and under any circumstance.

Accident insurance covers: 

  • Death by accident: the beneficiary will receive the insured capital if the insured person dies as the result of an accident. 
  • Death caused by traffic accident: the beneficiary will receive the additional insure capital if the insured person dies due to a traffic accident. 
  • Permanent disability caused by an accident (scale): in the event of the insured person's permanent disability as the result of an accident, the insurer will pay the corresponding percentage of the insured capital. 

The amount varies for each person according to his or her personal, family, professional, and property situation, as well as age.

No. Accident insurance does only and exclusively cover accidents, and as such we understand all violent, sudden causes beyond the control of the insured.

Total permanent disability renders the worker unable to pursue his usual professional occupation, but allows him to pursue another profession. On the other hand, absolute permanent disability not only renders him unable to pursue his profession, but also any other profession.

Why buy Accident insurance?

We have protected our clients for more than 50 years, knowing how important security is for our policyholders.


Choose the coverage you need from the Accident Insurance and adjust the price to your budget.


You can choose between several payment methods and combine different coverages to ensure that your Accident insurance always suits your needs.

Complete protection

We offer you the most comprehensive protection so that, when the time comes, you enjoy the maximum protection.