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Life insurance

Group life

Together, you win

What is a collective life Insurance?

The Group life insurance offers advantages and solutions for companies and groups that assume obligations via collective bargaining agreements or voluntary improvements.

Benefits of this insurance


This determines which method of payment best suits your needs.


The conditions of insurance meet the needs of your company or group.


It includes other members of the group thanks to the ease in contracting it.


Take out our contract smoothly and manage it with ease.

Group life insurance

Main coverage

Maximum guarantee in covers for the beneficiaries of the person insured with no extraordinary delays or formalities payments.


Each sum insured is linked to a risk to be covered and so the amount varies depending on each party insured.

An insurable group is a group of persons designated by the policyholder on whom the risks insured fall.

An insured group will be made up of those people in the group aged between 14 and 64 who meet the requirements for being insured set by the insurance company.

Why buy the NorteHispana group life insurance?


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