Life insurance

Life insurance

Their future in your hands

What is life insurance?

Taking out life insurance is the best way to protect your family and your loved ones, by guaranteeing their financial well-being after you've gone. Because their peace of mind has no price.

What are the advantages of this insurance?

NorteHispana's life insurance policies take care of your peace of mind and that of your family at the most sensitive of times. It also includes telephone support for legal advice and medical guidance.

We adapt to you

Because each person's needs are not always the same, NorteHispana's Life insurance is adapted to suit you, allowing you to choose the cover that you want.

Automatic reappraisal

Because your comfort comes first, you won't need to worry about reappraising your guaranteed capital. We do it for you.

Your family will be protected

Your family's well-being will be assured in the event of death. You can also take out additional cover for death or disability due to an accident.

Temporary life NorteHispana insurance

What is covered by life insurance?

In the event of death of the insured person, beneficiaries will receive the payment of a capital sum with which they will be able to maintain their quality of life and financial stability.

Factors influencing the price of a life insurance policy

The price of Life insurance is influenced by factors such as age, state of health and the practice of a high-risk sport.

Why take out a life insurance policy with NorteHispana?

Because over one million insured persons have trusted us to protect their well-being and that of their families.

Personalised Customer Service

At NorteHispana we have more than 100 branches and 2,500 agents ready to advise you individually.


Take out just the cover you need and design a life insurance policy that is completely adapted to your needs.

Complete protection

Your family is also important to us. That is why we design our life insurance policies with one single objective: To offer you the most complete protection possible.


When taking out Life insurance, the insured person commits to paying a premium in exchange for, in the event of death, compensation - in this case the payment of a capital sum - by the insurance company.

It is not compulsory to have a life insurance policy, even if it is highly recommended, nor is it compulsory to take it out with the bank you have your mortgage with.

It will depend on the financial and family commitments that you have, but as a rule of thumb you can establish that the insured capital should cover between three and five times the annual earnings of the family unit.