Temporary disability


Temporary disability insurance

Receive payments upon proof of illnesses

What is the temporary disability insurance?

With the NorteHispana Temporary Disability Insurance you will receive a compensation if an illness or injury prevents you from conducting your professional activity in a normal fashion, thus preventing any loss of income.

Benefits of this insurance

The temporary disability insurance allows you, without the need for prior medical examination, to extend your coverage so that you are really protected.

Maximum guarantees

The amount of compensation you will receive is stipulated in a chart of indemnities and subject to diagnosis. This way you will enjoy the maximum guarantee based on the scale.


We want you to be really protected in case of illness or injury. This is why our insurance allows you to expand the initial coverage to adapt them to your specific needs.

24-hour medical care

Your health is important to us. This is why, when buying our temporary disability insurance, you will also have access to a telephone medical service available 24 hours per day.

Quick buy

You don't need to pass a medical examination before buying your Temporary disability insurance. This way the buying process becomes easier, comfortable and fast.

Temporary disability insurance

Main coverage

The amount of compensation you will receive for an illness or injury is stipulated in a table or scale, depending on the type of illness or injury, and will be subject to a diagnosis. This scale will also determine the duration of the compensation.


This Temporary Disability Insurance focuses on those who may see their income diminished if they suffer an illness or injury. Although it is primarily aimed at self-employed workers, it can also be taken by home-makers, early retirees, employees, etc. 

This product offers protection against temporary disabilities, that is, it offers coverage for any injury or illness that temporarily prevents you from carrying out your work or employment.

Yes, in fact it is the best way to keep your income in case of disability, because you can supplement Social Security payments with your insurance compensation.

The scale is a table in which every illness and injury is matched with their corresponding compensation.

Yes, you will be able to choose between the payment methods that better suit your budget: monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual.

Why should I buy the temporary disability insurance from NorteHispana?

More than one million policyholders have trusted us and our agents to protect their livelihood. Let us tell you why.

Personalised Customer Service

We have more than 100 branches and 2,500 agents ready to provide you with personalised advice.

Tax benefits

Self-employed workers may deduct a maximum of €500 from their Personal Income Tax, per year, via reduction of their tax base.

Automatic reappraisal

We will reappraise your coverages to ensure you are protected when you really need it.