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Life insurance

Temporary life Insurance

Guaranteed peace of mind for you and your family

What is Temporary life insurance?

With Temporary life insurance your family will be protected in case of death or permanent disability, guaranteeing maximum coverage. If you apply for a mortgage, this life insurance also will guarantee its payment to the bank.

Benefits of this insurance

Learn about the benefits Temporary life insurance offers you to safeguard your family's well-being.

Automatic reassessment of capital

We take care of the automatic reassessment of the insured capital so you don't have to worry about it and your family stays protected.

Peace of mind

With Temporary life insurance you will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your family will receive a compensation in case of death or permanent disability.


Because each person has different family and personal circumstances, Temporary life insurance lets you choose only the guarantees you really need.

Family security

The life insurance allows to guarantee your family's economic welfare if you pass away or suffer a permanent disability.

Temporary life NorteHispana insurance

Insurance coverage

Beneficiaries will receive the guaranteed capital payment if the insured person passes away before the contract's expiration date.


Yes, you only need to designate your mortgage bank as your beneficiary. In this way, your house will be free of liens.

It is an agreement by which the insured agrees to pay a small premium in order to receive a compensation from the insurer, in case of death of the insured.

The recipients of this life insurance vary greatly, as it is aimed at people who want to protect their families financially following their death.

The Temporary life insurance guarantees the payment of a compensation to the designated beneficiary after the death of the insured. In addition, it offers supplementary guarantees such as additional capital in case of death or disability caused by an accident.

The amount to be insured varies depending on the personal and financial circumstances of each person. Our insurance offers the possibility of contracting flexible amounts.

To collect a life insurance indemnity it is necessary for the person insured to have died through any cause provided for in the insurance.

The beneficiaries must be designated by the policyholder at the time of buying the insurance. When talking of the beneficiary, reference is being made to the individual who or legal entity which will receive the amount of indemnity for the person insured in the event of one of the situations covered in the insurance occurring. 

In addition, NorteHispana offers the opportunity to cover with the same insurance all family members over 14 years of age who live in the same home.

Under NorteHispana's capital life insurance, payment by the company is immediate verification of the required documentation.

The Temporary life insurance allows you to anticipate the future evolution of your insurance capitals from the beginning. In this way, the sum insured is always kept properly up-to-date.

Why buy the Temporary life insurance?

More than one million policyholders have trusted us and our agents to protect their families. Let us tell you why.

Personalised Customer Service

At NorteHispana we have more than 100 branches and 2,500 agents ready to advise you individually.

Complete protection

We have designed our life insurance so that you and your family always enjoy the most complete protection.

Because it's your family

Our top priority is to protect you and to guarantee your and your family's peace of mind in difficult times.