Universal Vida temporal

Temporary life insurance

Putting your family first

What is this insurance?

Universal temporary life insurance offers all-inclusive coverage for all members of the family over 14 years old and guarantees maximum benefits.

Benefits of this insurance

Automatic reappraisal

We offer automatic reappraisal of your guaranteed capital.

Peace of mind

Extend the peace of mind to your personal and professional lives.


Choose the guarantees that best suit your needs in every situation.

Family security

This makes your loved ones feel secure when faced with unforeseen circumstances.

Temporary life NorteHispana insurance

Main coverage

Beneficiaries will receive the guaranteed capital payment if the insured person passes away before the contract's expiration date.


Life insurance is an agreement by which the insured person undertakes to pay a small premium, with a view to receive compensation from the insurance party in the event of his or her death.

The recipients of this life insurance vary greatly, as it is aimed at people who want to protect their families financially following their death.

Temporary Universal life insurance guarantees payment of a sum to the designated beneficiary after the death of the person insured.

The amount to be insured varies depending on the personal and financial circumstances of each person. Our insurance offers the possibility of contracting flexible amounts.

To collect a life insurance indemnity it is necessary for the person insured to have died through any cause provided for in the insurance.

Beneficiaries of life insurance must be designated by the policyholder when taking out the insurance. When talking of the beneficiary, reference is being made to the individual who or legal entity which will receive the amount of indemnity for the person insured in the event of one of the situations covered in the insurance occurring.

In addition, NorteHispana offers the opportunity of covering all family members over 14 years of age living at the same domicile in the same contract.

In the case of NorteHispana life insurance, after the required documentation has been verified, payment by the Company is immediate.

Temporary Universal life insurance allows the future progress of the amounts of your insurance to be planned from inception. In this way, the sum insured is always kept properly up-to-date.

The amounts payable to the beneficiary on the death of the insured person are subject to taxes on inheritances and donations. The amount of tax decreases depending on the relationship between the deceased person insured and the beneficiary, in accordance with the rules in force in each community.

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