Universal Prevision

Universal prevision

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What is this insurance?

Universal death insurance offers a service to cover all the material and emotional needs of the parties insured at delicate times.

Benefits of this insurance


Ensure that your relocation expenses are covered, inside and outside of Spain.

Comprehensive service

Choose the type of service you prefer, whether that's burial or cremation.

Ownership or rent

Decide on how you want to acquire your chosen burial space: through ownership or rental.

Medical guidance

Get access to a medical directory for telephone consultations, 24 hours a day.

Universal death insurance

Main coverage

Comprehensive service and integral management of the burial or cremation, according to your wishes.


When taking out death insurance with NorteHispana, the insured person receives the following coverage for provisions:

  • Comprehensive burial/cremation service
  • The purchase or rental of a burial space
  • Cover for relocation expenses within Spain or from abroad

Our funeral insurance policies guarantee full cover of the funeral service contracted for each person insured up to the limit of the insured value.

When we talk about the insured value, we are referring to the guaranteed capital contracted in the policy.

All adults interested in managing their death in an effective and economical manner. Taking out the contract is also very simple.

Yes, you can choose to be cremated, which is covered up to the limit of the insured value.

This insurance extends its guarantees to covering the expenses for relocating the insured person following his or her death, from any point in Spain or abroad, to the Spanish cemetery indicated in the insurance policy.

You can choose whichever cemetery you want within Spanish territory.

Yes, there is a wide range of funeral parlours available across Spain.

Yes, this decision corresponds with the private discussions of the insured person's relatives. The number of civil ceremonies has risen significantly over recent years.

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