Decesos Universal with a Single Premium

'Universal previsión' insurance with a single premium

Immediate protection

What is this insurance?

The 'Universal previsión' death insurance with a single premium is aimed at people over 70, and offers maximum coverage for expenses, services and procedures derived from the insured person's death, via a single payment when taking out the contract.

Benefits of this insurance

Immediate protection

All coverage is activated as soon as the contract is taken out.

Lump sum payment

Taking out the contract only requires a single, lump sum payment, without any premium readjustments at a later date.


The insured capital is reappraised each year, with no additional bills.

Choice of the place of the burial

Open choice of the location where the funeral will take place.

Main coverage

Provision of the established service at the time of the insured person's death, according to the location, regardless of the cause of death or where it takes place.

Services generally consist of:

  • Coffin.
  • Hearse and accompanying vehicles.
  • Wreath.
  • Memorials.
  • Funeral parlour room.
  • Expenses for funeral procedures and sanitary and civil permits.
  • Organising the burial, burial or cremation expenses and an urn for ashes.


The Universal previsión death insurance with a single premium is for people over the age of 70.

The provision of the service guaranteed by the insurance, which includes:

  • Comprehensive burial/cremation service.
  • Purchase or rental of wall tombs.
  • Coverage for relocation costs within Spain and abroad.

The single payment when taking out the contract, without any subsequent readjustments. This capital is reappraised annually, with our any additional bills.

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