Advanced healthcare services

Specialised hospital services

We're here to take care of your health when you most need it

Specialised hospital services

Your health taken care of at private clinic with an international reputation for excellence. Includes hospitalisation in an individual room, patient stay and maintenance expenses, tests and diagnostic methods, medication and placement in special units in the following cases:

Surgical treatment

Non-oncological highly specialised surgery: cardiac, vascular, and neurosurgery (epilepsy, trigeminal neuralgia, etc.)

Cancer treatment

Hospitalisation for medical, surgical and reconstructive treatment of breast, prostate, lung, colorectal, pancreas and buccal cancer.

Treatment of childhood illnesses

In children up to 14 years old, cochlear implants and osteosarcoma will be covered in addition to the coverage included in the previous sections.

How to request Specialised hospital care

Please follow this procedure.

Call us on 935 12 61 11

You will be assigned an agent who will manage the entire process for you.

Confirm the request

You will be sent an application form to sign and return.

Take the referral note with you to the clinic

If you are admitted*, we will send you a referral note to visit the specialist. This referral note will be the only valid admission document.

*To be eligible for the Specialised hospital services, there must first be a face-to-face second medical opinion consultation at the clinic appointed by the insurer, through this policy's Premium Second Medical Opinion cover and according to the procedure established in its general terms and conditions.


Travel and accommodation expenses are covered. To request reimbursement, the insured party must have the authorisation note before starting the trip, and only expenses incurred after obtaining the authorisation and related to this guarantee will be covered.

There is a waiting period of 6 months from the effective date of the insurance policy.
The policy does not cover diseases whose diagnosis, treatment or symptoms
appeared before this date.