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Bricohogar handyman service

Let a professional take care of everything free of charge

A home improvement expert at your disposal

Hang curtains, fit shelving and cupboards; assemble kit type furniture; silicone sealing on bathtub, shower or washbasin, etc. With NorteHispana's universal multi-risk home insurance, you can count on a professional who will come to your home to perform these and other tasks completely free of charge. Your home will always be in tip-top condition. 

How does Bricohogar work?

Call us on (+34) 935 12 61 11

We are available 24 hours a day. Within a maximum of 48 working hours, a home improvement professional will come to your home and perform the task you have requested.

6-month guarantee

All the work performed by the corresponding professional within the Bricohogar Service has a 6-month guarantee.

Travel and labour included

This service includes three hours of assistance a year and the professional's call out. Only one job may be requested per visit.

What jobs are included in Bricohogar?

  • Change of installation on wooden interior doors or handles, doorknobs, handlebars, small latches, etc.
  • Assembly of kit type furniture
  • Replacement of lift cords on Venetian blinds
  • Gluing of wooden chairs, tables and beds.
  • Insulation on flush windows and fixing glass with silicone
  • Etc.
  • Fitting or replacing sockets, switches, light bulbs, neon tubes, fluorescent lamps and primers
  • Installation of lamps, wall lights or ceiling lights, as long as there is no need to change the wiring
  • Installation or repair of cistern, taps and shut-off valves
  • Bleeding of radiators
  • Silicone sealing of toilets and sinks
  • Manual unblocking

Installation work on technological equipment such as:

  • Televisions 
  • DVD players 
  • Computer equipment
  • Consoles
  • Home entertainment systems
  • Etc.
  • Hanging curtains (including accessories), pictures, indoor clothes lines, bathroom accessories, mirrors, rails, cabinets, etc.
  • Moving of furniture and household appliances, as long as they do not require modification of electrical outlets.
  • Sealing small holes in non-tiled walls, as a result of drill holes for hanging pictures, accessories, etc. Does not include painting.