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Death insurance with repatriation

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What is Repatriation insurance?

The Repatriation insurance covers all needs, including transport, arising from the decease in Spain of a natural person from a foreign country.

Benefits of this insurance

Repatriation Insurance is a perfect option for foreign residents living in Spain who, when the time comes, want to return to their home.

Repatriation, without the distance

Regardless of the country of origin and the mileage involved, with this insurance you will be covered for all repatriation expenses. \n

Relative expenses covered

Return flight ticket and accommodation in a hotel for the designated relative. We will also cover travel expenses (round trip flight) and accommodation for your designated family member. \n

Relocation costs covered

The coverage of the deceased's transport to the Spanish city chosen for the funeral service is also included.

Funeral service

In addition to the expenses of repatriation and transport, this insurance will also cover the cost of the funeral's complete service and cremation.

Universal insurance with repatriation

Main coverage of repatriation insurance

Get access to full coverage for the expenses of transferring the decreased insured person, in Spain or abroad, from any location in Spain.


Yes, repatriation insurance does not have any group restrictions. In fact, this type of insurance is highly recommended for Erasmus students. 

This insurance is for people who come from any country in the world and who live in Spain, wishing to return to their country of origin after death.

Repatriation insurance covers funeral services to be held in the city of residence of the deceased within the national territory, and the subsequent repatriation of the coffin to the country covered by the insurance. 

Relatives of the deceased insured person who reside in Spain, or in the insured person's country of origin, must choose a person to accompany the deceased person. This companion has the right to receive the money for a return flight in economy class, or a ticket for any other standard method of public transport, to accompany the deceased person to his or her country of origin. 

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