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Home Assistance

Let us find you the best plumber, electrician, builder, etc.

We work with the best professionals

Whether it is to perform a home maintenance job or to repair a small failure or breakdown that does not generate a claim covered by your insurance, our Home Assistance service will send you a professional of the trade you require and we will cover the call out charge. Plumbers, electricians, glaziers, gardeners, locksmiths, plasterers, upholsters, painters, antenna installers, shutter and blind fitters, etc. Call us and we will take care of everything.

How does Home Assistance work?

Call us on (+34) 935 12 61 11

We are available 24 hours a day. Every day of the year.

We will cover the call out charge

We will look for the best professional in your area for you and send them to your home without you having to pay the call out charge.

With a guarantee

All the work carried out will have a 3-month guarantee.

We respond to emergencies

And we will cover up to 3 hours of labour, in addition to the call out charge, in these two cases

Emergency locksmith

If you cannot enter your home because your keys have been lost or stolen or the lock has been disabled, we will send you a locksmith so that you can gain access your home.

Emergency electrician

If, due to a failure, your entire house, kitchen or bathroom (if you only have one) are left without power, we will send an operator to your house to restore your electricity supply.

What other guarantees does Home Assistance include?

We cover the justified hotel, restaurant and laundry expenses arising from any incident covered by the policy and that prevents the use of the insured party's home, kitchen or washing machine. Consult the general terms and conditions of the service to find out the limitations of the amounts covered.

If, due to an accident covered by the policy, the home is left easily accessible
from the outside, we will supply you with qualified security personnel to guard your home for a maximum of 48 hours. 

Between 09:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday, you can call us so that we can resolve any queries about: 

  • Health and entry requirements necessary to visit any country: Vaccinations, Visas and health recommendations according to the latest edition of the TIM (Travel Information Manual).
  • Workshops and dealerships for national cars and motorcycles
  • Emergency telephone numbers
  • Visas, embassies and consulates, etc.

If, due to an incident covered by the policy, the television, video and/or DVD player of the insured party's home are taken, destroyed or broken and without the possibility of immediate repair
,we will provide you with a replacement television and DVD player for the duration of the repair up to a maximum of 15 days.

Free ambulance transfer due to an accident or illness suffered by one of the insured persons in the home protected by the policy when the insured party is not covered by social security or another public entity. 

If a claim covered by the policy generates the need, we will send your relatives any urgent messages you indicate to us.


We take care of making reservations (hotel, train and plane) for your national and international trips, obtaining the booking code and sending it to you. 

We assist you to get your Energy Performance Certificate for the property with preferential rates and conditions.